The Botman Tour (Round 1)


Are you feeling nervous? Are you having fun?
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My opponent still hasn't responded. Might have to call activity
We both mistakenly forgot contact each other during the week, i contacted him today and we agreed on a time in short notice, he missed it but looking at the situation a short extension would be fairer than an act win claim from me. We will attempt to get it done in the next couple days

e: was given the win
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Forgot to meet on the planned data, requested another time to battle. No response from Saturday
Edit: we accorded for another time, but when the moment came no response on his side (even if he was online on sd)
Edit2: he gave me the win
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won, gg

since i'm a fucking dumbass I totally forgot we had to put the pastebins like in the game chat so

[20:18:27] +IKeEy: hey

[20:18:33] +IKeEy: we gotta play

[20:18:45] +IKeEy: i need to load team into paste bin one sec

[20:18:55] +Teclis: sure :]

[20:19:29] +IKeEy: you ready?

[20:19:45] +Teclis: yessir

[20:19:53] +IKeEy:

[20:20:08] +Teclis:


only i will remain
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calling activity, have tried to schedule multiple times with my opponent in pms & they haven’t made any of the said times (adding you to conversation)

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